Francis has worked as a professional photographer for over 14 years and in that time travelled the world practicing his craft and teaching photography to aspiring photographers from around the world.

He has held photographic exhibitions in Australia, Taiwan and Hungary. The themes of his exhibitions have varied greatly from the Surrealist Nudes in "Tides" to the very humanistic portrait of life on the Yangtze River at the turn of the millennium in "The River".

His black and white nude photos have been nominated seven times for the prestigious Black and White Spider Awards and have featured in the European art magazine Photo Art and the American magazine Carrie Leigh Nude (now a permanent holding of Trove, the National Library of Australia)

Aside from his art Francis's photographs have featured on CNN (50th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution)and his travel photographs from Albania were highlighted in National Geographic and Explorer magazines, whilst his lifestyle photographs could be found in Timeout.

Francis is currently running photography courses in his hometown of Brisbane, Australia. For more information visit